blindvms first ep

Hi all. well I’ve began. is the page for this cast.
Podbean exists but will not be used on account that its not completely free and I do as yet not want to pay a subscription even though its only 10 bucks a month and even though its got a lot more uses to me.
Right now, if you go to the podcast page, you may send me at my gmail address with the username sm.everiss
Sorry I don’t post the entire address on here, but I know of at least 1 spambot on here and I will not submit to such filth if at all possible.
One thing to note, if you get an error about hyper v and use it, then either don’t use it or use it and do whatever you want.
Hyper v is not compatible with vmware.
In addition if you still get issues you need to make sure memmory integrity is off in security/device/isolation and also make sure that
in a commandline prompt admin the bcdedit set hypervisorlaunchertype off is selected.
There is a thread with the right commands in here in case I foul it completely.

Please note for virtualised machine convertion you will need v centre stand alone converter installed which I have not gotten yet because the download site is a total brainless junkpile.
Also note, the audio in this cast is completely fucking shit because my outputs do not match my inputs unless I boost the internal mic to full then configure it iin speech recognition.
I am seriously thinking that in future both for my sanity and the like that I switch to a field recorder and external speakers.
For one thing I will have more control, and can use cheaper y connecters for both speakers and headsets and can control things that way or a usb card so I can pull nvda from source.
The only issue with a field recorder is that if I use internal microphones there will be some quality sufferage but who knows.
Right now I don’t have the control I’d like and while I do have some soundcards I can use maybe that will have to be the next thing I buy, that being an accessible cheap mobile sound device.
While I do have an andriea one its quite sharp and raw sounding, and while I have an old sb play, it was meant for xp and 7 and doesn’t have support, it was also meant for performance and gaming and has no shielding at all.
Since I have spent the 430 nz dollars on the workstation software that will power the podcast with the ability to run machines from windows 3.1/dos right up present day os types though if I buy any of these extras it will be for christmas.
I also may buy a talking field recorder at some point however before I do that, I am in on this year’s matchgame so if I win, I will get a zoom recorder so I will hold off on the microspeak.
Maybe I get the card first then worry about the field recorder later.
The soni one works well enough but we will see what happens once I have a modern mobile sound device in hand.
Last night I tried to and get installed a debian net install and the speech volume just didn’t work so well, my plan will be to try another one but we will see.
The procedure to get and install debian was not as straight forward as I’d like
And so I will not be doing that.
My next cast will be grml and then talking arch as demos and maybe debian net install.
If that all works and I keep 1 of those packages, my plan will be to get and install either ciniman onto a distro, but maybe I’ll just download and install fedora core ciniman, and ubuntu mate then see if I can get things running in text mode with espeakup, and then get and load vinux or whatever its called old that it is.
Once thats done we will see.
The interface of the workstation app is not as straight forward as I thought it was, and my product has player on it so I will try to install some units with player itself.
Remember that you may hit the voice message button on the cast and remember that voice messages will be aired, or be put in a different cast with mail on it and maybe comments.
We will see what we see.
I will post something later on, but please read my blog for the latest news.
Links to this site will go up there as well as first postings.
I will also post on the jaredrimer network the cast links.
Note I have not figured out yet how to get the audio files of the cast but once I have enough for a book series I will name then, and put them on scribl for sail as a block, I estimate 2-5 dollars per completed series or name your own price type deals.
I am also in descussions with another podcaster and that could mean that things will get interesting.
Laters for now

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